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Hand-coded websites

Responsive websites with mobile-first thinking

8 Reasons to Choose Lunia

We don't need to tell you how important a website can be for your business. However, not everyone realises how important it is to plan, design and deliver a well-structured site. Search engines, like Google, penalise websites that don't conform to standards. This means that what goes on behind the scenes is just as important as what visitors experience.


User experience (UX) comes first

Lunia websites are planned with people in mind. It's not enough to put your organisation's information on the Internet—visitors expect better functionality and more intuitive navigation than ever before.


User interface (UI) design

Layout is fundamental to how quickly and easily a visitor achieves her goal of visiting your site. Lunia takes advantage of modern browsers to create elegant sites that help people get what they want—without the frustration.


Responsive framework

Modern websites are expected to work equally well on mobiles, tablets and desktop browsers. Lunia's responsive framework, built on CSS Flexbox, adjusts automatically to all of these devices.


100% compatible

Lunia websites are HTML5 and CSS3 compliant. This means they work equally well on all modern browsers—including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer 11—as well as on modern devices running Android and iOS.


Highly optimised

GZIP and WebP compression, minified code, Lanczos 3 image resampling and SVG vector images ensure Lunia websites are smooth, quick and efficient—without compromising on quality.


Structured for SEO

Forget about fancy search engine optimisation techniques. One of the best ways to achieve a high ranking is to create relevant content in a correctly-structured website. Lunia websites follow best-practice standards demanded by search engines such as Google.


Analytics reports

Lunia websites include a tag which lets you take advantage of Google Analytics, giving you insights and recommendations on how to better engage your visitors.


Conversion tracking

Track meaningful actions taken by your visitors. With conversion tracking, you choose how to measure a person's interaction with your website. This places you in a better position to adjust your content and guide visitors toward a chosen outcome.

Mobile-first approach

Responsive design demands that websites work equally well on a huge number of devices. A mobile-first approach means that we base our design on the smallest device, usually a mobile phone, and then progressively build up styles and structure for larger screen sizes. This makes our code more efficient and also prepares your website for mobile-first indexing which Google is currently implementing.

Structured using CSS Flexbox

We take advantage of CSS Flexbox to create a highly flexible site structure. Using a custom framework created in-house, Lunia websites respond appropriately to any screen resolution on any modern device.

Reliable and secure hosting

We choose to host with Hetzner, a world-class Internet service provider with offices in Cape Town. Hetzner guarantees near-100% uptime for our websites, along with the latest releases of PHP and excellent, lightning-fast customer service.

What We Offer

We include the little things that make your site exceptional, along with hosting and third-party integrated services for you to choose from.


  • Web fonts
  • Standard website policies
  • Custom error pages
  • Sitemap


  • Hosting with Hetzner
  • Email hosting
  • Domain validation certificate (HTTPS)
  • Form-to-email scripts


  • Hotjar (feedback and heatmaps)
  • Google Drive
  • Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Choose How You Pay

Pay Once

Pay an upfront, once-off fee for your website.

Pay Monthly

Pay a monthly fee, which includes hosting, for a fixed term.